Meet Zachary Dean Jones

Jones, a Southeastern Ohio Native, pours his real-life experience into his work, which represents both the natural and holistic need to escape, as well as the many layers of the human experience.

Attracted to the visual arts as a boy, Jones sketched, painted and took photographs to see the world beyond his fractured home, wracked with alcoholism, in a government-subsidized apartment. Overweight and with a stutter, Jones struggled in school. He skipped classes in middle school to venture to the art courses taught at Ohio University and sneaked into the back to glean all he could from professors.

His escape became his passion.

While picking up freelance photography gigs and selling an occasional piece, Jones became a car salesman and then finance manager in order to support a wife and children. The “real world” beckoned — and nearly broke him. At 46, Jones understands that one can not get time back. He has sacrificed, but his creativity continued to burn.

Conjuring the artistic influence of British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, Jones seeks to contrast the mundanity of the professional world he has experienced with the effusion and movement of nature as represented in the colors and textures of his paintings.

Some of Jones’ previous works have been shown at the Zanesville Museum of Art, and purchased for show in medical and business offices, as well as personal homes.