Meet Zachary Dean Jones

Meet Jones, a Southeastern Ohio native whose artwork reflects both his personal experience and a universal human desire to escape. With a childhood marked by the turmoil of an alcoholic home in a government-subsidized apartment, Jones turned to art as a way to see the world beyond his fractured reality. As a young boy, he sketched, painted, and took photographs, all with the goal of transcending his challenging circumstances.

Although he struggled in school, Jones was drawn to the visual arts, and even skipped classes in middle school to attend art courses at Ohio University. Sneaking into the back of the classroom to soak up every bit of knowledge he could from his professors, Jones’ passion for art only grew stronger.

Inspired by British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, Jones uses his art to contrast the monotony of the professional world with the vibrant energy of nature. Through his use of color and texture, he creates works that represent the many layers of the human experience.

Jones’ pieces have been featured in prestigious galleries like the Zanesville Museum of Art & Marcia Evens Gallery Columbus OH , and purchased for display in medical and business offices, as well as personal and private collections. His unique perspective and skillful execution make Jones an artist to watch in the world of contemporary art.