Mission Statement

Bob Rauschenberg said, “If I know what it looks like why make it”

To me it’s a basic fundamental. Exploring more natural materials, trusting my process, it’s a visual experience. I’m much more interested in how I feel about a subject, I’m working in or on an instinctual feeling. I get a certain feeling inside. I have conversations with my materials and work the process in my mind. Working with material in my landscape, I am always trying to learn from nature.


ATHENS, OHIO — Local Artist Zachary Dean Jones has completed a unique collection of acrylic paint and charcoal pieces that incorporate hand-cut branches and sticks, as well as cut canvas on canvas. The large, colorful panels are influenced by the natural flow of the seasons and embody the rhythm of the Appalachian environment.

He seeks an opportunity for exhibition, showcase space and/or publicity.